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OJI'S Burnt Cheesecake

Breaks All The Rules

It’s proudly tanned and even burnt in spots, with a rough, pillowy edge and oozy center.


There’s something ugly-but-beautiful about its appearance, but everyone who has tasted it agrees that it’s spectacular. A slice of it looks like a wedge of triple-crème Camembert, with a rough exterior and a middle that puddles on the plate. That darkened top adds a mysterious, but highly enjoyable, flavor akin to salted caramel or browned butter, with an added complexity and alluring tang from the milk solids in the cheese, which caramelize at high temperatures.

It’s just a great, eye-opening, oddball, addictive slice of cake

"... it's the best burnt cheesecake I ever had."

To order

WhatsApp 9639 5676


S$ 140.00 nett

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